5 Startup Activities to Do During Quarantine

Running out of activities to do? We've got you covered.

Bored in quarantine

Remember that life is rich

Get off Netflix now

To live in a suspended time, during which we’re still able to feel like the albeit slow hours in a day are our own, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that not everyone has the privilege to share. If you’ve reached the point where you’re writing quarantine haikus to pass the time or entertaining in a similar activity, you are most likely in such position of privilege. I firmly believe that idle time is necessary for overall productivity and conducive to creativity but, if you have an abundance of free time in your hands at the moment, here’s 5 STATION F startups that are worth checking out to keep you busy, inspired, and connected while at home.


Surprise your friends and family with: POPMII

HEC Program

POPMII allows you to send fun and personalized messages in Augmented Reality, which can help spark a little joy while social distancing. Their easy-to-use solution requires no application download and can be used on any smartphone camera. 


Start binge-reading with: Rocambole

Founders Program

Rocambole is the Netflix for reading stories! Borrowing from the serial format, the startup is bringing back a way of enjoying literature that was most popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when novels were first published as installments in monthly or weekly periodicals. A subscription normally costs €5/month but, in response to social distancing measures, Rocambole is opening up their catalogue for free!


Stay politically engaged with: Factio

INSEAD Program

You might be confined at home but that does not mean that you should not have your voice heard or that you should stop fighting for the causes that you care about. Quite the contrary. You can still create or join an online campaign on Factio, a platform for citizen mobilization, to defend causes and to lobby decision makers on issues that you care about whether it’s climate, social justice, education, and more.


Dream up your next big trip with: Escapad

Founders Program

Escapad is an app to discover cities, monuments, and museum exhibits through digital guides created by professionals in the Culture and Tourism industries. The app not only helps you dream up vacation plans for when travel restrictions will be lifted; but it is also a nicely curated resource for you to access culture right from your smartphone.


Learn a new language with: NaTakallam

INSEAD Program

While you’re dreaming up your next trip with Escapad, you might also consider learning the destination’s local language with NaTakallam; a social impact startup that provides language learning, cultural exchange, and translation services delivered by refugees and displaced people. Learning a new language will be enriching for you. It might even serve as a stepping stone in your career and, more importantly with NaTakallam, it helps a refugee earn a livelihood in return. 

Register to a language class using the code STATIONF upon checkout. For other services like translation or virtual exchange programs, you can also mention STATION F when submitting a request for a quote.


Cindy Yang
[email protected]