3 Tips to Make the Most out of Tech Conferences

Big tech conferences (like CES, Web Summit, and VivaTech) can be overwhelming by their sheer size and by the number of people attending. When there’s one thousand or even four thousand other startups attending, how can you ensure that your startup is able to stand out and that you can make the most out of your investment?

In our newest podcast episode, we set out to answer this question with three STATION F entrepreneurs:

–  Aymeric Wuidart, co-founder & CEO of Artiris Parfum, an alumni startup formerly in the EDHEC program

–  Khaled Sehly, co-founder of AirWayBill, a startup building a peer-to-peer shipping platform

–  Clémence Demerliac, founder of Adalong, a startup using AI to automate the curation of user-generated content.

Pre-show preparation is of primordial importance. Here are 3 tips to help you get the most out of tech conferences:


1/ Protect your tech

Trade shows are a great opportunity for you to present your product to the world…and that includes your competitors. If it’s the first time that you’re exhibiting at a show, be aware that your competition will be looking at what you’re doing and perhaps even getting inspired. Therefore, it is important that you patent your technology beforehand and that you clearly know what you can or cannot disclose. What’s worse than leaving a show with no ROI is leaving a show with no ROI and no more product.


2/ Know who you want to meet but be open to new encounters

Before attending a show, establish clear objectives for why you’re exhibiting. Is it getting press, finding investors, or making deals? Your objectives should be a clear indicator for what kind of people you would like to meet. Make sure to stay focused because many, many people will pass by your booth but some might just be wandering without aim. Most conferences also have apps with the full list of attendees. Make sure to download the app prior and schedule meetings with interesting contacts for your business.


3/ Strategize your stand

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to make sure that you have sufficient staff at your booth and that everybody has a clear role. Aymeric of Artiris recommends 3-4 people:

– one person to scout: looking at badges and checking if any of your target audience is passing by

– another person who is focused on presenting your product

– a third person who is focused on closing deals, ideally.

Want more tips? Listen to the full podcast episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify, DeezerGoogle Podcast.


Bonus Tip (for VivaTech)

If you’re crafting the customer experience of tomorrow, apply here before Feb 21 to win a free booth in the LVMH Luxury Lab at VivaTech! This is also a great way to get noticed by La Maison des Startups, the LVMH Program for LuxuryTech at STATION F.



Cindy Yang
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