10 Female-Founded Startups You Should Know

STATION F's Female Founders Fellowship is a group of 10 high potential female-founded startups. Their founders are not only building kickass companies but are also exemplary as entrepreneurs and individuals.

From a duo of PhDs in biochemistry and bioelectronics to an early adopter of blockchain for food transparency, discover the entrepreneurs in the first cohort of the Female Founders Fellowship.


Joanne Kanaan & Anna Shirinskaya, co-founders of Omini

Founders Program, formerly Entrepreneur First


Blood testing is a very ambitious medical field to tackle. Its potential impacts the lives of many, which is why it’s important to find the right people to do it. At STATION F, we believe that we have with Joanne and Anna, two PhDs that met through the Entrepreneur First program on campus and that are now striving to make blood tests infinitely faster and simpler. Their company Omini develops biosensing devices for immediate blood tests using a technology that combines the accuracy of clinical chemistry and the portability and connectivity of mobile health devices.


Karoline Gross, founder of Smartzer

Adidas Program, formerly LVMH Program


“Forbes 30 under 30” in Media & Marketing, Karoline is the founder of Smartzer, a video technology company building interactive video players that enable e-commerce companies to generate sales and capture detailed analytics directly from their videos.


Léonore de Roquefeuil, CEO of Voxe

Facebook Program


Millennials are the demographic with the lowest voter turnout rate yet they will tomorrow be the most impacted population by the political decisions that are taken today. Léonore, former United Nations consultant and TEDx speaker, is on a mission to make politics interesting and accessible for all, especially millennials. Her company Voxe aims to empower millennials by providing weekly updates on current events and by helping readers to foster their own opinion and take action.


Clémence Coursimault & Clémentine Guyon, co-founders of Karamel

Naver Program


Clémence and Clémentine (a.k.a. Les Clems) are both serial entrepreneurs that have previously founded companies in the sector of culture and entertainment. Their latest venture together, Karamel, is a mobile app to discover and book activities for kids. With an editorial and an educational approach, their mission is to be the companion of families in their children’s development. The Karamel girls move fast and have gained significant traction since their launch. Within one year of business, they have already acquired another startup on the STATION F campus.


Lauren Dannay, co-founder of Whoomies

Founders Program


Lauren is a banker-turned-entrepreneur. She co-founded Whoomies, a PropTech startup leading the transition between traditional housing to community-living with the help of technology. Whoomies is focused on delivering digital tools to improve the shared living experience of both tenants and real estate owners by fostering trust and community experiences.


Stéphanie Nenta, co-founder of Xtramile

Microsoft Program


Stéphanie also comes from the world of finance. After 9 years in financial institutions (JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, and other), Stéphanie co-founded Xtramile, a startup in Programmatic HR and Talent retention. Xtramile uses AI to optimise the sourcing of candidates and to help companies retain their best assets: people.


Lucile Hamon, co-founder & CEO of Backacia

HEC Program


It’s no secret that construction is a male-dominated industry. However, at STATION F, we have two female founders that are taking the industry by storm. The first one is Lucile, founder of Backacia, the first B2B marketplace of reusable building materials. The construction industry is the biggest producer of waste in France. Backacia’s goal is to help companies reduce the volume of waste produced on construction sites while helping them benefit from both economical and ecological advantages.


Emilie Sallé, co-founder & CEO of Valomat

HEC Program, formerly Pépite Starter


Our second Female Founder Fellow in the industry is Emilie, co-founder of Valomat. Valomat is a marketplace for unused industrial materials. Their goal is to recycle and to help preserve natural resources. 


Sonia Litwin, co-founder of Frames

Havas Program


Sonia is the co-founder of Frames, a MarketingTech startup that helps e-commerce brands attract and convert more customers on their websites. Using Frames, brands are able to deploy campaigns, media, bots, live chats all from one single channel. This enables them to collect centralized data and nurture insights.


Maxine Roper, co-founder of Connecting Food

Shakeup Factory


Maxine co-founded Connecting Food to make food supply chains more transparent, for everyone. Their blockchain-based platform is able to ensure full traceability in real time from farm to fork, and also audits digitally 100% of the production. In the end, their clients (cooperatives, food brands, retailers) can show their consumers where their products come from by applying a unique QR code to every batch of produce that they produce.


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