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Tue. Jan 1 2019Tue. Dec 31 2019
Google @ STATION F

Every day at STATION F, Google hosts training workshops that are open to public. Take a look at the programming and brush up on your digital skills!

Tue. Dec 10 2019, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Hosted by Immersive Ways
Launch of INSIDE FREEMIUM by Immersive Ways

Its editing software for immersive media creators in 360° videos and Virtual Reality. The first hybrid editing software in a single interface, managing both flat (2D) and 360° media.

Thu. Jan 23 2020Thu. Jan 24 2019
Hosted by Bouge ta Boite
Think big'Her

Bouge ta Boite organizes the first edition of Think big’ Her, an unmissable event shaking things up for women in entrepreneurship.