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STATION F features 30+ startup programs including 3 in-house programs: the Founders Program, the Fighters Program and the FemTech Program.

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Join our core and most selective in-house program dedicated to early-stage companies. This 15-month program is divided into 3 phases to help you network & learn, execute and build. You will get the opportunity to select one advisor with a huge track-record who will be offering you guidance and help on the main and strategic topics. To help you scale, we focus on 3 core needs of early-stage companies: building a great team, finding product-market fit & securing early-stage funding to build further.

Your journey in the Founders Program 2.0

Phase 1: Immerse

Be prepared to be on campus as much as possible for the first six weeks phase. This period is dedicated to getting you acquainted with your peers as much as possible, learning as much as you can through the workshops & community - and giving back. Reaching out and asking for help will be easier after you complete this phase.

Week 1: Meet Week

Meeting other startups & getting acquainted with the campus.

Week 2: Advisor Week

Meeting & selecting the best advisors for your own business.

Week 3: Give Week

Giving and sharing with other startups.

Week 4: Team Week

Key steps to build a stunning team to grow your company.

Week 5: PMF Week

Focussing on Product Market Fit and first clients deals.

Week 6: Money Week

Be ready for your next fundraising.

Phase 2: Execute

Six weeks to show what you can accomplish. There are no mandatory workshops or meetings during this phase. Once this period is up, you better have the results to show us what you've been doing during the First Match.

First Match

At the end of Phase 2, all startups present what they accomplished to all other startups in the cohort in a friendly competition, known as First Match. This battle is preparing you for the next 12 months to come and will help us identify top performers for additional opportunities.

Phase 3: Grow

You will have access to all the programs, experts, campus resources, as well as the community. We expect you to continue moving quickly and to meet with your advisor(s). You will also have regular “health checks” meeting with the team.

Work with top Advisors

Founders Program 2.0 has a dedicated Advisory Board of 30 entrepreneurs who have built leading businesses. These entrepreneurs have experience building teams, recruiting top talent, building products that customers want, growing revenue, fundraising and more. They founded companies such as Swile, Stonly, Alan, Too Good To Go, BigBlue,, Pigment, Eventbrite, Monshowroom, Sandbox, DFNS, etc.

Each company will have the opportunity to meet and select up to 2 advisors to work with - and to allocate a small slot on their cap table for them to create a long-term relationship.

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Joining the program

Here are key elements we will look at when applying to Founders Program 2.0.

You're obsessed with building a responsible company

Responsability & diversity are not a “nice to have” - it's a core part of the DNA of tomorrow's leading businesses. Show us that responsability is already part of who you are and what you are building.

You're motivated by (BIG) results

For you, being a founder isn't just a title - it's in your bones. You have strong work ethics and results to prove it. Right now, you're early-stage, you have an MVP, maybe a few users or revenue but not much more. But in 18 months, you'll be bigger than China.

Your company has a real upper hand in impact and trends

What sets you apart from 10 other companies working on exactly the same thing as you? If you have something that gives you an upper hand - an insight, a skill, an experience, a network - we want to know. We want to see that you are working on a game-changing innovation, that you are impact-driven, or ideally both.

The deal

Access prices

  • Free accesses to STATION F for up to 4 founders during 3 months
  • Then €249 per access for 6 months
  • Then €349 per access for the last 6 months

Equity deal

  • We want to be a long-term partner and support you even after the program is done
  • We take a founder-friendly 1% equity (SAFE Agreement)
  • A symbolic check to help you get started

Apply to the next batch

This program is for:

  • - Full-time founders with prototype or MVP
  • - Limited users or revenue companies
  • - Responsability obsessed founders
  • - Strong work ethic founders

Selection steps

Applications deadline:

January 16, 2023

Selection results:

Early March 2023

Join the program:

March 20, 2023

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