Discover our event spaces

We only allow crazy innovative events inside. The weirder the better. You want a robot to speak, you want a dinosaur to dance: this is the place. International organizers welcome.

Open Platform

Huge area located in between innovators, makers and entrepreneurs. A blank space to build up your event, regardless of if it is a hackathon, a holographic fashion show, an air-balloon demo, you pick !

900 sq meters

Junior Stage

An intimate stage with powerful equipment, ideal for demo pitches of startups changing the world and workshops building the future.

Seated capacity 50

Creativity Room

Whenever you feel tired of meeting rooms, random discussions or brain-slacking (brainstorming on Slack), use our creativity room to make new ideas emerge.

25 seats

Master Stage

Our stage can welcome anything big, from a flying car descending the stairs to a presidential speech or huge tech conference. Fully equipped with audio, video, crazyiness and success.

352 seats (+9 PRM)

Mezzanine River - Mezzanine Land

Our mezzanines are located in our massive restaurant, with an open view on the vibrant and lively atmosphere. These spaces are perfect for cocktails, networking events or an informal speech in an original setting.

Seated capacity for each mezzanine 80
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STATION F only hosts public events linked with innovation and entrepreneurship. No seminars, company workshops and boards, learning expeditions, etc.

Please send a detailed content of your event to [email protected] for bookings.