TOP30 Startups


Advitam helps families in mourning with a simple, personal and seamless funeral management platform including traditional services as well as handling every subscription cancellation & social network closing.

Program :

Alsid builds a security solution to protect the Microsoft Active Directory installation from breaches. In other words, they protect companies' employee directories including personal information, passwords, and rights from cyber attacks.

Employee: N/A
Amount raised: 13M€

Designed for classical musicians, Antescofo’s first app — Metronaut —  elevates a musician’s everyday practice into a grand performance, turning something possibly-painful into a fun activity. The app listens to how and what a musician is playing and, using AI, will adapt in real-time the accompaniment to their performance. The app has been selected to be featured on iPhones and iPads in Apple stores worldwide.

Program :

Azarus builds a blockchain-based competitive gaming challenge platform. In other words, they offer gamers the ability to compete for digital assets in both casual and competitive gaming challenges.

Program :
Amount raised : 1,6M€
Bloom at Work

Bloom at Work builds a solution to improve wellbeing in the workplace. Their methodology consists of short and fun employee surveys and consulting services to keep teams engaged.


Bloomin builds an employee experience management platform (EXMP) to measure the employee experience. Rather than formal evaluations, Bloomin takes the form of conversational chats to perform regular benchmarks and improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Program :
Employee : 25
Amount raised : 1,2M€

BulldozAIR is a project management software for construction teams. In similar fashion to Alan, Payfit, OVRSEA and other, it is part of the new generation of startups building platforms with 5-star service and incredible UX.

Program :

Colonies is a coliving startup that renovates and transforms buildings into modern urban living spaces bringing more comfort, flexibility and social interactions to people living in big cities. Based in Paris with European ambitions, they have raised €11M to work on expansion into other major French cities and, in the long term, throughout Europe starting with Germany, Swizerland and the Benelux.

Program :
Amount raised : 11M€

Cozycozy is an accomodation search engine that gathers all types of accomodations from hotels to apartments and other unique and secret locations. Cozycozy's goal is to help people craft their best travel experiences, starting with where they stay.

Employee: 14
Amount raised: 4M€

Daco is an AI-based retail analytics startup that helps retailers anticipate product demand and define strong price markets down to sub-category level. Within a year of being in the veepee program, daco got acquired by the mother group itself.

Program :
Exit to : veepee

The Foodvisor app is a food journal and nutrition coach all-in-one. Users can simply take photos of their meal in the app to obtain its nutritional constituency (calories, proteins, lipids) as well as personalised advice from dieticians. Foodvisor has benefited from the Facebook & Apple program at STATION F and today has over 1.5M+ users worldwide.

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Employee :

The Gabsee app lets you build a three-dimensional avatar of yourself, free to place into the real world in Augmented Reality. It’s essentially an animated, 3D version of Bitmoji, the customized stickers that Snapchat acquired and popularized.

Program :
Amount raised : 1,3M€

Gust is the first video platform using facial recognition to let people share their true emotions. As the ‘like’ rapidly loses its social meaning, Gust leverages augmented reality to create an interactive experience and bring back empathy to social media.

Program :
Employee : 10
Amount raised : 1,6M€
Kronos Care

Kronos Care specializes in post-purchase experiences for brands and retailers. With clients including leading retailers like Etam, L'Oréal, and LVMH, Kronos Kare has recently been acquired by Narvar (American leader in the sector) in their plan for European expansion.

Program :
Exit to : Narvar

Madumbo is an AI-based application testing platform, helping its users to test their web apps without having to write any additional code. Acquired by Datadog, the popular monitoring and analytics platform, the team is working on developing many new digital experience monitoring capabilities.

Exit to: Datadog

Medoucine's objective is to enable everyone to take the full benefits of alternative and complementary medicine thanks to a network of verified practitioners, from osteopathy to acupuncture , hypnosis and many more. Like Doctolib, the platform features easy appointment booking and a wealth of information to choose consultations, from pricing to expected benefits.

Program :
Amount raised : 1M€

Mimesys builds a hologram teleconferencing software, which allows increasingly-disperse modern workforces to communicate and collaborate in real-time more seamlessly. The startup has recently been acquired by Magic Leap to continue the development of co-presence technologies into their spatial computing platform.

Exit to: Magic Leap

International shipments have traditionally been time-consuming and operationally complex for SMBs to handle and often delegated to shipping agents. OVRSEA's ambition is to digitize (read: simplify) this whole process, allowing businesses to gain more transparence and visibility on their goods. Founded in 2017, OVRSEA has already been adopted by companies with large-scale cargo activity like Engie Ineo, Made.com, and Filorga!


PayCar is a payment method dedicated to used cars. The trusted third party solution verifies both sellers and buyers and ensures seamless transaction between the two parties. In June 2019, the startup has been acquired by French classifieds giant, Leboncoin.

Program :
Exit to : Leboncoin
Running Care

Running Care is a health mobile app created by sports medicine doctors. Dedicated to runners wishing to combine sports and health, the app helps predict and prevent injury risks and delivers personalized health advice and programs.

Program :
Amount raised : 1M€

Sarwa is an online financial advisor that aims to take the hurdles out of investing, while helping customers maximize returns at a risk they’re comfortable with. Sarwa combines innovative technology and human advice to make expert-level investing available to everyone.

Program :
Employee : 11
Amount raised : 1,5M€

Scibids arms programmatic teams with a world-class machine-learning layer that brings customized bidding logic into the world of media optimization.

Program :
Employee : 21
Amount raised : 2,2M€

Simundia builds an online coaching solution, making training courses that are traditionally reserved for company executives accessible to all employees in a company.

Program :
Amount raised : 2M€

SnapCall is on a mission to disrupt the voice industry and enhance the “calling” experience focusing only on high value conversation. They replace phone numbers on websites/apps with a simple call button. At one click, customers are connected with the right interlocutor in seconds, without any voice menus or transfers. On the one hand, users get a more seamless experience on the website/app. On the other hand, businesses receive calls rich with user information.

Program :
Amount raised : €1M

twistr is the first ever peer-to-peer travel search engine. Many flight comparison platforms exist but they mainly act as airline aggregators. However, airlines can practice price discrimination based on traveler profile and online search habits. And, that is the main pain point that twistr aims to eliminate in its mission to help us find the cheapest flights. Their model can also be applied in the future to anything bought online.

Program :

Named after the hero in Homer's Iliad, Ulysse is a flight comparison tool with mission to help travelers find the most competitive prices for their next epic adventures.

Program :
Employee : 5
Amount raised : 1,3M€

Looking for an apartment in France can be quite complicated for renters. Rental applications require guarantors and can be exceptionally complicated for those with modest incomes or freelance workers with no fixed salary. That's the exact problem that Unkle aims to solve by offering to be guarantors for renters.

Program :
Amount raised : 1M€

Vitality is an e-sports team with more than 50 players from 11 countries. Their current portfolio consists of 10 games, including League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Rocket League, and more. Recently raising $22.7 million with entrepreneur Tej Kohli, they are getting closer to achieving their global ambitions and becoming leaders in an industry that will surely soon rival traditional sports in terms of audience and investment.

Employee: 20
Amount raised: 20M€

wilov is the first pay-when-you-drive car insurance app. Taking the car insurance industry by storm, their disruptive offer allows users to pay according to how many days they drive, making their prices more competitive while maintaining a premium offer. Wilov is the first insurance to be featured "App of the Day" and "Editor's Choice" by Apple.

Program :

Zelros is a technology helping insurers to better serve their clients with the support of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Current functionalities of their platform include augmented sales and predictive claim management but their long-term vision is to revolutionize the insurance industry with a machine learning score.