Startup programs on campus

STATION F is for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs only.
To join the campus, choose the program that fits you best.

Station f

Our program is open to early-stage startups with big ambitions. Get a full-time desk in our one-of-a-kind campus and join our unique community of hand-picked entrepreneurs. Our program is built for founders with access only to startups-recommended resources.

Station f

The Fighters Program is a free access to the Founders Program, for killer entrepreneurs who just got behind at the start line. We help those who need it the most (people from underprivileged backgrounds, immigrants with difficulties to integrate, refugees, etc) to grow their startups and give them extra visibility to inspire future generations.

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Currently recruiting
Entrepreneur First
Talent Investor

EF helps the most ambitious individuals find a co-founder, develop an idea, and build a company.

Currently recruiting
Naver / Line
Consumer Apps

Naver / Line, South Korean tech giant, is building a community focused on early-stage consumer internet.

Currently recruiting
Early Stage

6-month program for student entrepreneurs and young graduates enrolled in the National Student-Entrepreneur Status