Building Something with Caroline Ramade, Founder & CEO, 50inTech

Part of STATION F’s Founders Program and Future 40 (2019), 50inTech is the first inclusive platform to match and share with women in Tech.

Caroline Ramade has a great objective in mind: “Achieve 50% of women in tech by 2050.” To accomplish this ambition, she created 50inTech in 2019, an inclusive platform to meet and match with women in tech. “We aim at connecting them, to give them visibility and match them with the best ecosystem to succeed in terms of career or business”, she told.
After a couple of months, Caroline decided to apply to STATION F’s Founders Program to give her project the visibility and support that it needed. She joined STATION F in July 2019: “STATION F is an ecosystem that makes you grow faster. In the Founders Program, you join a guild (a group of 10 startups) and this cobuilding spirit is very strong. There is a lot of agility in startup support.”

A few months later, 50inTech was selected as one of the 40 most promising companies of STATION F by appearing in Future 40 (2019). “STATION F gave me a lot of visibility, thanks to Future 40 and now, the Female Founders Fellowship (a program to give more support to female founders of STATION F’s community)”, told Caroline Ramade.

This is just the beginning of this incredible story for Caroline Ramade. And the next one could be yours. Applications for Founders Program’s new batch are open until April 5. If you have a great project in mind, apply here.