Thu 15 Oct. 2020
Angel Investing, VC, and Scout Programs: How to teach investing?
With the development of investment vehicles and financial instruments like syndicates and rolling funds, investing has become more accessible in recent years to a wider non-VC and non-finance audience, especially in early-stage. This leads us to two questions. First, is investment something that can be taught? Second, how is it actually taught?
Fri 9 Oct. 2020
Fintech startup Joko raises €10M in Series A to expand their cashback rewards program
Joko (Facebook Startup Garage alum) is looking to expand their offer into other European countries.
Mon 5 Oct. 2020
A look back on the first 3 years of the Fighters Program: What have the startups become?
Three years ago, we celebrated STATION F and… the opening of STATION F’s Fighters Program, a one-year program dedicated to entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds! Now, you might be wondering what has happened to the first Fighters over the past three years? Here’s some news :)
Thu 1 Oct. 2020
Interview with Howie Liu, co-founder and CEO of Airtable
“It’s one thing to create a product that is useful. It’s another to create a product that is so much better that people change their habits. In our case, the habit was probably using Excel or Google Sheets. And, that’s a pretty strong habit to break.”
Thu 1 Oct. 2020
Building Something with Julie Bonnecarrère and Pavel Afanasiev: Northern Lights Entertainment
What happens when two political geeks that love gaming meet?
Tue 29 Sep. 2020
7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Applying to the Founders Program
Applying to STATION F's Founders Program? Here are 7 application tips for you to maximize your chances of getting in!
Tue 22 Sep. 2020
Maxime Le Dantec (Balderton): “We saw a compensating effect in raising this summer”
We had the chance to sit down with Maxime Le Dantec, Investment Associate at London based VC fund Balderton Capital, to talk about the ‘back-to-school’ period for VCs, as well as how later stage startups are coping after a difficult year.
Fri 18 Sep. 2020
Introducing the Beta Bar, a bar for beta-testing at STATION F!
No martinis but plenty of cool startup products.
Wed 16 Sep. 2020
Employee benefits platform Sweevana gets acquired by Swile (ex-Lunchr)
Founders Program alum Sweevana has been acquired by French fintech scale-up Swile (formerly known as Lunchr).
Fri 11 Sep. 2020
Wildcard boosts the productivity of dev teams by helping automate DevOps tasks
40% of a developer's time is spent on non-coding tasks. Wildcard has developed a solution to help them automate these tasks so they focus on what they like to do best: coding.
Thu 3 Sep. 2020
Growth Capital in Europe with Omri Benayoun, General Partner at Partech
Omri Benayoun is General Partner at Partech, responsible for the Growth fund.
Mon 24 Aug. 2020
STATION F opens applications for Founders Program and Fighters Program next seasons
Startups looking to join the Founders Program can apply online before October 1st and entrepreneurs who are willing to join the Fighters Program are eligible to apply before October 18.
Fri 14 Aug. 2020
Colette, Interstellar Lab, and Majamaja on the Future of Living
Learn about new housing solutions and experiences and new living communities.
Wed 5 Aug. 2020
Ponicode raises €3 million to accelerate the development of its AI solution for improving code quality
Ponicode is a startup in the Microsoft AI Factory at STATION F.
Thu 30 Jul. 2020
Building Startup Communities that Thrive with Brad Feld (Foundry Group, Techstars) and Ian Hathaway (Techstars)
What makes startup communities thrive? How can we improve collaboration amongst ecosystem actors to create success in these complex systems? These are two questions that Brad Feld (Founder at Foundry Group & Techstars) and Ian Hathaway (Executive Director for Ecosystems at Techstars) answer in the new book that they just released together, The Startup Community Way.
Fri 24 Jul. 2020
Diversity in Investment with Joshua Olusanya (Notion Capital) and Daisy Onubogu (Backed VC)
Diversity in Investment with Joshua Olusanya (Notion Capital) and Daisy Onubogu (Backed VC)
Thu 9 Jul. 2020
30 Top Startups, 5 Main Trends
By Marwan Elfitesse, Head of Startup Programs at STATION F
Wed 8 Jul. 2020
Building Something with Alexandra Boussommier-Calleja: ImVitro
Combining AI and cell culture to tackle infertility.
Thu 2 Jul. 2020
Interview with Dylan Field, co-founder and CEO of Figma
Dylan Field is the CEO / co-founder of Figma, a design and prototyping platform for teams who build products together. With the support of the Thiel Fellowship, Dylan dropped out of Brown University to start Figma with his TA Evan Wallace (who became Figma’s CTO). They built Figma on the web in the hopes of tearing down the walls around the siloed design process. Dylan champions open, accessible design and believes such tooling must evolve for a cloud-based, collaborative world.
Mon 29 Jun. 2020
STATION F unveils TOP30 2020, its group featuring the most advanced startups of the campus
They collectively raised more than €60M and three of them were acquired during the year.
Fri 26 Jun. 2020
Brand Building Tips with James Vincent, Apple Ad Guru (in the Steve Jobs era) and Advisor to Brands like Glossier and Airbnb
If you’ve ever seen the iconic iPod ad campaigns featuring dancing silhouettes, felt empowered by Glossier’s close-knit community, fallen in love with conscientious organization using Airtable, or essentially started to think of your health insurance app Alan as a friend in sickness and in health; then you’re certainly no stranger to the work of James Vincent and his brand agency FNDR.
Wed 17 Jun. 2020
The Impact and Opportunities of COVID-19 on Startups
On June 4th, STATION F and 120 partner VC funds released a comprehensive study on the impact and opportunities of COVID-19 on startups. In our latest podcast episode, three of partner VCs join us to make sense of the data that we found.
Fri 12 Jun. 2020
Building Something with Aurélie Berthon: Cuvée Privée
Love wine? Then you'll love Cuvée Privée 🍷
Thu 11 Jun. 2020
STATION F: observations and updates after 1 month of deconfinement
It’s been exactly one month since France has come out of confinement - and since STATION F has reopened its doors to residents. We wanted to take a moment to share what we’ve noticed in the first month and also some changes we are making to make life easier for our residents.
Wed 10 Jun. 2020
Jesse Draper (Halogen): "Focusing on women has brought me into a very unique pool of entrepreneurs"
Jesse Draper is founding partner of Halogen Ventures as well as creator and host of Emmy nominated television series, The Valley Girl Show. She is a 4th generation venture capitalist focused on early stage investing in female founded consumer technology. Gwen Salley, Head of Investment & Services at STATION F, interviewed her to learn more on her vision on the ecosystem in the coming months.
Mon 8 Jun. 2020
Entrepreneur-turned-VC: Startup Tips with Soraya Darabi, General Partner at Trail Mix Ventures
Meet STATION F Selection Board member Soraya Darabi, an entrepreneur-turned-investor.
Wed 3 Jun. 2020
Building Something with Paul Floury: Extralab
Extralab is building a solution for one of the biggest environmental challenges: water scarcity.
Fri 29 May. 2020
One-Hour VC Special: Funding during COVID
VCs say they’re open for business during COVID but what does it mean?
Wed 27 May. 2020
My Job Glasses raises €5 million to help students and professionals connect
The platform connects professionals with students and young graduates to provide them with real insight into the work world.
Thu 21 May. 2020
Two STATION F entrepreneurs have developed 100% vegan eggs
100% plant-based eggs, made in France.
Wed 20 May. 2020
Saul Klein (LocalGlobe): “There will be a lot of investment activity in the coming months”
STATION F is (virtually) sitting down with various VCs to understand how they see the impact of the current Covid-19 crisis on tech startups.
Fri 15 May. 2020
5 STATION F Startup Solutions To Help With Deconfinement
Lockdown measures in France have started to ease up earlier this week as the country slowly starts the deconfinement strategy. Discover 5 STATION F startups that are helping provide logistical support for deconfinement.
Tue 12 May. 2020
Video creation tool PlayPlay raises €10M Series A led by Balderton Capital
PlayPlay enables brands to produce high-quality video content for social media with no editing skills.
Mon 11 May. 2020
STATION F and 60+ VC Funds team up to conduct a full study on the impact and opportunities of Covid-19 for startups
With Accel Partners, Balderton, Kima Ventures, Uncork Capital, Firstmark Capital and more
Fri 8 May. 2020
Sarah Noeckel (Northzone): “It’s a good time to connect with customers and better frame their needs”
STATION F is (virtually) sitting down with various VCs to understand how they see the impact of the current Covid-19 crisis on tech startups. This week we had a chat with Sarah Noeckel, partner at Northzone.
Thu 7 May. 2020
Rethinking Food Post-Covid with Urban Agriculture
The pandemic is forcing many across the board to consider moving towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle. It’s hopefully forcing even more to realize the need for radical change in our global food system.
Wed 29 Apr. 2020
Nicolas Brand (Lakestar): “It’s the best time for startups to be creative and to experiment”
STATION F is (virtually) sitting down with various VCs to understand how they see the impact of the current Covid-19 crisis on tech startups. We started with Nicolas Brand from Lakestar.
Sun 26 Apr. 2020
5 Startup Activities to Do During Quarantine
Discover 5 STATION F startups that will keep you busy, inspired, and connected while at home.
Tue 21 Apr. 2020
Letter to the STATION F Community
Roxanne Varza, directrice de STATION F, adresse un message de soutien et d'espoir aux entrepreneurs de STATION F.
Sun 19 Apr. 2020
Applications of Blockchain Technology Beyond Cryptocurrencies
When most people think of blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is very likely to be "Bitcoin". However, many applications of blockchain technology exist beyond cryptocurrencies. 
Wed 15 Apr. 2020
How Covid-19 is impacting startup application trends
Marwan Elfitesse, Head of Startup Programs at STATION F is sharing insights on the trends we're seeing in startup applications since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.
Wed 15 Apr. 2020
STATION F Startups Step Up to Help COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Efforts
Many startups have mobilized their resources to help COVID-19 relief efforts—either by directly providing for healthcare establishments or by supporting people and businesses in need—all the while making sure to keep their own boat afloat in the uncertain economic landscape.
Sat 11 Apr. 2020
8 Startup Movies to Watch During Coronavirus Lockdown
Some favourites from the STATION F community.
Thu 9 Apr. 2020
Building Something with Barbara Belvisi: Interstellar Lab
Interstellar Lab (Founders Program) develops and builds space-inspired villages on Earth.
Fri 3 Apr. 2020
"Saying no in Product is the most important thing": Interview with Alexis Fogel, co-founder of Stonly and Dashlane
Alexis Fogel, co-founder & former CPO of Dashlane, is now building his new company Stonly at STATION F!
Wed 1 Apr. 2020
These 11 Startups are Still Hiring amid COVID-19
Confirmed: Hiring during COVID-19.
Tue 31 Mar. 2020
Epigene Labs raises €1,4M to accelerate genomic data-driven drug discovery in oncology
Epigene Labs is building a platform to enable more genomic data-driven breakthroughs in cancer drug development.
Thu 26 Mar. 2020
How is STATION F reducing the impact of temporary closure on its startups?
STATION F will suspend all payments & billings until reopening and will add a special discount on the first payment after reopening. Workshops & events are now available online.
Wed 25 Mar. 2020
How to Keep your Kids Busy (and Learning) during the Coronavirus Lockdown
Discover 5 startups that are building kid-friendly solutions for learning and for leisure.
Fri 20 Mar. 2020
The impact of Coronavirus on STATION F (so far)
By Roxanne Varza, STATION F's Director

Following the temporary closure of STATION F due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Roxanne Varza is sharing some insights on our campus, startups, programs and the startup ecosystem.
Fri 20 Mar. 2020
Getting Home Essentials in France during the Coronavirus Lockdown
Discover 7 STATION F startups that can help you get essentials like food and medication during quarantine.
Tue 17 Mar. 2020
STATION F Tools for Remote Collaboration
With the outbreak of coronavirus, companies around the world are urging their employees to work from home. As remote work becomes the new reality for many (at least in a foreseeable future), individuals and companies will need to quickly adapt their ways of working to collaborate effectively in remote. We have drafted a list of STATION F tools/services that can help people work better during this time of crisis including home services as well as tools for collaboration.
Wed 11 Mar. 2020
Leeway, a startup solution to simplify contract management
Leeway, from STATION F's EDHEC Program, aims to use technology to simplify a task that is considered complex and time-consuming: contract management. It's the next big thing for Legal Counsel!
Mon 9 Mar. 2020
Meet the entrepreneurs in #FoundationTheDoc Season 3
The newest season of #FoundationTheDoc - titled "Foundation: startups, women in charge" - features an all-female cast.
Sun 8 Mar. 2020
Covid-19: Updates regarding STATION F
Latest updates regarding Covid-19 and STATION F.
May 4: STATION F will reopen starting on May 11, 9am.
Wed 26 Feb. 2020
Stonly (Future 40) raises $3.5 million to reimagine customer service
Stonly, part of STATION F's Future 40, just raised $3.5 million with Accel Partners to expand into the US and open a new office in New York.
Fri 21 Feb. 2020
Startup Tips with Ida Tin, Co-Founder & CEO of Clue
Ida Tin is part of the STATION F Selection Board. She is the co-founder and CEO of Clue and coined the term FemTech.
Mon 17 Feb. 2020
"Foundation: startups, women in charge" to be released on March 8
Foundation: startups, women in charge, the third season of the startup documentary series following entrepreneurs of STATION F will be released on March 8 with an all new format and four new amazing entrepreneurs.
Fri 14 Feb. 2020
The Future of Online Dating: Think twice before you swipe right!
In our newest podcast episode, discover the future of online dating with Feels, Navee, and Cupido!
Thu 6 Feb. 2020
Why beating the imposter syndrome is important for more diversity
Léonore de Roquefeuil, part of STATION F's Female Founders Fellowship, is the CEO of Voxe (Facebook program).
Fri 31 Jan. 2020
Commitment bias and selling too early: how to avoid two major startup mistakes according to Joe Kraus (President at Lime, Partner at Google Ventures)
Joe founded two startups (Excite and JotSpot); sold a company to Google; became a VC Partner at Google Ventures; and is now President at Lime, the global leader in shared micromobility.
Tue 28 Jan. 2020
Pressmium is building the Spotify for News
Looking for the Spotify of News? Pressmium is working on it at STATION F. Learn about their work with co-founder Aloïs Bazin de Jessey!
Fri 24 Jan. 2020
3 Tips to Make the Most out of Tech Conferences
Big tech conferences (like CES, Web Summit, and VivaTech) can be overwhelming by their sheer size and by the number of people attending. When there’s one thousand or even four thousand other startups attending, how can you ensure that your startup is able to stand out and that you can make the most out of your investment?
Thu 23 Jan. 2020
Kazidomi raises €1M to expand their healthy food e-commerce in France
Kazidomi is a Belgian healthy food e-commerce startup in the HEC program at STATION F.
Tue 21 Jan. 2020
10 Female-Founded Startups You Should Know
From a duo of PhDs in biochemistry and bioelectronics to an early adopter of blockchain for food transparency, discover the entrepreneurs in the first cohort of the Female Founders Fellowship.
Fri 17 Jan. 2020
“Being at your desk is not building your company”: Why you should participate in some big tech conferences
Startups often ask us the question: is it really worth it to attend big tech events like CES, Web Summit, and VivaTech? In this episode, we set out to answer this question with three STATION F entrepreneurs: Aymeric Wuidart (founder of Artiris), Khaled Sehly (co-founder of AirWayBill), and Clémence Demerliac (founder of Adalong). This episode is also packed with plenty of tips on how to make the most out of big tech events!
Fri 10 Jan. 2020
STATION F: a look back on 2019 and what's coming next
In 2019, we’ve made a lot of improvement to STATION F to make sure we offer the best possible environment to our startups.

By Roxanne Varza, Director
Wed 8 Jan. 2020
STATION F startup Karamel acquires Hello Marcel, another startup on campus!
When one STATION F startup acquires another STATION F startup :)
Fri 3 Jan. 2020
CES 2020: 8 STATION F startups not to miss in Vegas
Heading to the City of Lights next week for CES? Make sure to keep an eye out for these 8 STATION F startups.
Thu 19 Dec. 2019
R-Pur raises €2,5M to expand their anti-pollution masks internationally
R-Pur ramps up their anti-pollution masks worldwide with a focus on the Asian market.
Wed 11 Dec. 2019
STATION F Holiday Gift Guide 2019
Discover STATION F startup products that would make for great gifts to make sure your holiday experience full of discovery.
Wed 4 Dec. 2019
What's the difference between Augmented Reality and Overlap Reality?
Find out with François-Xavier (a.k.a. FX), co-founder of Skyboy, creating elevated digital experiences for prestigious brands including Galeries Lafayette, Louboutin, and more.
Mon 25 Nov. 2019
Startup Tips from Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, Founder and CEO of Clustree
Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan is a member of the STATION F Selection Board, a group of top entrepreneurs that are mentors to our community and help us review startup applications for the Founders Program.
Wed 20 Nov. 2019
Meet a Founder: Laurent Durrieu of Teebike
Teebike builds a connected front wheel that is able to transform any bike - old or new - into an electric bike.
Tue 19 Nov. 2019
Luko raises €20M to ramp up its home insurance in Europe
Luko (STATION F alum, formerly in the HEC Program) is building the new-generation home insurance in Europe.
Mon 18 Nov. 2019
Foodvisor raises €4 million to speed up their growth in the US
Foodvisor, a STATION F TOP30 startup, just raised €4M to speed up its growth in the United States as it reached the 2 million users, including 20% in the country.
Wed 13 Nov. 2019
Discover Future 40, the 40 most promising startups of STATION F
STATION F unveiled today the Future 40, a list of its 40 most promising startups in all sectors and from all programs during an exclusive event with investors and members of the ecosystem. Discover the full list of startups!
Wed 30 Oct. 2019
Meet a Founder: Anne Buffetaud of Hopways
Often called the Uber for children, Hopways is the mom-approved community carpool service for children.
Tue 29 Oct. 2019
Meet 20 STATION F Startups at Web Summit
Declared as “the best technology conference on the planet” by Forbes, the annual Web Summit is the largest tech conference in Europe.
Tue 22 Oct. 2019
Posos raises €2M to help prevent medication errors
Medication errors are relatively common but preventable events. Discover how Posos, a startup in the Microsoft AI Factory, is using AI to help.
Mon 21 Oct. 2019
STATION F to unveil Future 40 on November 13
The Future 40 will be the most promising startups of STATION F, picked in our 1.000 companies.
Thu 17 Oct. 2019
Another STATION F exit: Scalia gets acquired by Veepee!
Scalia, a RetailTech startup in the Veepee Impulse program at STATION F, gets acquired by the mother company.
Wed 16 Oct. 2019
Meet a Founder: Marc Prempain of ViiBE
ViiBE just raised €1,2M in seed funding to grow their web technology for remote assistance.
Fri 11 Oct. 2019
Podcast #2: Trae Stephens (Founders Fund) and Jonathan Parisot (ActionDesk)
Meet Trae Stephens, partner a Founders Fund, a one with other high-profile partners like Peter Thiel and an all-star portfolio including Facebook, SpaceX, Airbnb, Palantir - and even the odd European company, like Spotify. Also in this episode, Jonathan Parisot, founder and CEO of ActionDesk, a startup from STATION F's Founders Program that just finished Y Combinator.
Thu 10 Oct. 2019
Cuvée Privée (HEC Program) just raised 1M€
The company created by Marie, Morgane and Aurélie in 2018 has a monthly growth of more than 30% and wants to expand its business to other countries.
Fri 27 Sep. 2019
Startup Tips from Nalden, founder of WeTransfer & Adelee
Applications to Batch 6 of the Founders Program are closing soon! Here's some tips from Selection Board member, Nalden, founder at WeTransfer & Adelee.
Tue 24 Sep. 2019
Meet a Founder: Guillaume L'Hostis of Kronos Care
He started his first company as a student, made an exit within 2 years, and accomplished all this before the age of 24!
Mon 16 Sep. 2019
He Sold Two Startups and He’s Building a New One at STATION F
Melvin Wong moved to Paris to build his newest startup 1Krowd, a blockchain ticketing platform. 1Krowd is however not his first startup. In fact, he has successfully built (and sold) two before.
Fri 13 Sep. 2019
"STATION F: The Podcast": a new way to learn on entrepreneurship and innovation
Want to gain advice from the world's most famous entrepreneurs, researchers and more? Starting next week, listen to "STATION F: The Podcast", the bi-monthly podcast of the world's largest startup campus on Friday on your usual podcast platform!
Thu 5 Sep. 2019
Discover the full program of F For Femme, STATION F's exclusive event on diversity
Shelly Porges (Billion Dollar Fund for Women), Debbie Wosskow (AllBright), Lindsey Taylor Wood (The Helm), Jenny Wang (Re-Inc) and more to speak at F For Femme on October 1st.
Mon 2 Sep. 2019
Three events not to miss at STATION F in September
It's back to school season and we're also back for a new event season with a lot of content on very diverse topics. For September, we have some panels going from New HR models to Ask Me Anything session with the founders of Meero and
Thu 29 Aug. 2019
What does it take to be a Fighter?
Having followed two batches of startups in the Fighters Program, we are starting to see what it takes to be a Fighter at STATION F. Here’s a few tricks you’ll need to win this entrepreneurial fight.

By Mathilde Gratiot, Startup Program Officer
Wed 21 Aug. 2019
Meet a Founder: Arshia Cont of Antescofo
From classical music to Metronaut AI music app... Meet Arshia Cont, founder of Antescofo, a startup formerly in STATION F's Founders Program and part of our TOP30 startups of the year!
Fri 9 Aug. 2019
5 Startup Products to Make Your Summer Better
Discover 5 STATION F startup products to enjoy this summer whether you’re on vacation or just in a vacation state of mind!
Wed 24 Jul. 2019
CareGame, the cloud solution to play any game on any smartphone
Have you ever TRIED to play a new mobile game on an old smartphone? If yes, you probably had a bad experience with lags and bugs but CareGame, from STATION F'S Ubisoft Program, has a solution!
Thu 18 Jul. 2019
Reward your everyday spending thanks to Joko
Sometimes, a change in regulation can present a huge business opportunity. If seized quickly, dream products can be built. And that's exactly what Joko has done to build the next generation of loyalty programs - one that does not involve a single loyalty card.
Wed 17 Jul. 2019
STATION F opens applications for Fighters Program batch 3 starting today
STATION F opens today applications to join Fighters Program batch 3. The Fighters Program, one of the two in-house programs of STATION F, is a free one-year program designed for underprivileged background entrepreneurs.
Mon 15 Jul. 2019
Yoga, Zumba… STATION F's Summer Activities
Summer is back and you'll have a lot to do at STATION F during holidays! Have you ever wanted to try Argentinean tango? A laughter yoga class? Are you keen to learn how to dance kizomba? To join an hypnosis session? Join us!
Fri 5 Jul. 2019
STATION F 2nd year in data
We usually say we are the world's largest startup campus, but a lot of you are asking us : do you really have 1.000 startups? Well... yes, actually we have 1.013 at the time and we had 1.217 during the all year. Discover all our data!
Thu 4 Jul. 2019
Why should you release your code open-source?
Looking back at such a successful first two years, it’s clear to us as an organisation that the use of open source has been fundamental to how we got where we are as fast as we did. The ability to gather feedback in open source is second-to-none.

By: Clément Flipo, CPO of Dokit
Fri 28 Jun. 2019
What happened in our 2nd year — and what’s next
It’s crazy to think that it’s already been 2 years since our big fat launch event in June 2017 with President Macron. As you may have noticed, a *ton* has happened since we opened. And here's a preview of what's next!

By Roxanne Varza, STATION F's Director.
Thu 27 Jun. 2019
STATION F opens Flatmates, the biggest co-living place in Europe, for 600 entrepreneurs
Flatmates is the easiest and cheapest way to live near STATION F
Thu 27 Jun. 2019
STATION F to host “F for Femme”, an exclusive event dedicated to female entrepreneurship on October 1st
First speakers include Jessica Livingston (YC), Alice Bentinck (EF) amongst other top-level entrepreneurs and investors.
Thu 27 Jun. 2019
STATION F unveils TOP 30 startups of the year
STATION F, the world’s largest startup campus, unveiled today its TOP 30 startups of 2019 to highlight the some of the leading startup successes. To be released every year, this list gathers STATION F’s top performing startups - including companies with high growth, who have secured funding, of have been acquired.