F For Femme


2.30pm : Keynote
Introduction by Roxanne Varza

Roxanne Varza will give an update on what STATION F is doing to promote female-entrepreneurship.

2.40pm : Fireside interview
Interview with Jessica Livingston, co-founder Y Combinator

Jessica Livingston is co-founder of Y Combinator, the world's famous startup incubator located in the heart of Silicon Valley. She will be giving her point of view on what Silicon Valley is doing and can improve to promote female-entrepreneurship in this interview moderated by Amy Lewin, Senior Reporter at Sifted.

3.00pm : Panel
Smart Girls: educating the next generation

With Alice Bentinck (Co-Founder, Entrepreneur First), Alice Zagury (Director, The Family) and Anisah Osman Britton (Founder, 23 Code Street) and Olivier Crouzet (42). Moderated by Deborah Loye, startup reporter for Les Échos.

3.30pm : Interview
Interview with Jenny Wang (Co-Founder, Re-Inc)

Jenny is the co-founder of Re-inc, alongside US Women's National Soccer players including Megan Rapinoe. Re-Inc is a purposeful direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand built to challenge the status quo, and was borne out of the players’ fight for pay equity.

3.50pm : Panel
Gimme funds: investing in women

With Ginny Fahs (#MovingForward), Lindsey Taylor Wood (The Helm) and Shelly Porges (The Billion Dollar Fund for Women) and Tatiana Jama (SISTA). Moderated by Harriet Agnew (Financial Times).

4.45pm : Panel
Let's get together: not all communities are created equal

With Sarah Noeckel (Femstreet), Linda Liukas (RailsGirls) and Merici Vinton (Ada’s List). Moderated by Caroline Ramade (50inTech).

5.20pm : Interview
Surprise talk ;)

All details of this talk will be announced later, we need to keep some surprise ;)

5.30pm : Announcement
STATION F's Female-Fellowship

Discover some amazing female entrepreneurs of STATION F that are working hard top build amazing companies and change the ecosystem. Currently, 45% of STATION F startups are female-founded in selected programs.


Jessica Livingston Co-founder, Y Combinator
Alice Bentinck Co-founder, Entrepreneur First
Shelly Porges Founder, Billion Dollar Fund for Women
Jenny Wang Co-founder, RE-inc
Lindsey Taylor Wood Founder, The Helm
Roxanne Varza Director, STATION F
Amy Lewin Journalist, Sifted
Sarah Noeckel Founder, FemStreet
Alice Zagury Co-founder, The Family
Anisah Osman Britton Founder, 23 Code Street
Tatiana Jama Co-Founder, SISTA
Merici Vinton Founder, Ada's List
Linda Liukas Founder, RailsGirls
Ginny Fahs Founder, #MovingForward
Harriet Agnew Reporter, Financial Times
Caroline Ramade Founder, 50inTech
Kirsty Moore Managing Director, HSBC Private Banking