Find the perfect program for your startup. We have a program for each industry vertical, run by a corporation, a school or a startup network. Each program has a dedicated selection process and provides tailored accompaniment and support on top of general campus resources, accessible to all startups at STATION F.


Affordable housing solution 10 minutes away from STATION F with up to 100 apartments for 600 entrepreneurs. Find a café open to public, a gym, a laundry and a huge common and event space on-site. Every resident entrepreneur can apply to join and become a flatmate!

Mentorship offices

Hosting workshops and 1-to-1 meetings, the mentorship offices are here to help you understand how their services work and how you can make the most out of their solutions.

VC & Investor Community

Over 40 venture capital funds are on campus to guide startups in their business whether it’s with fundraising or simply to practice pitching. The full list of VC funds is available on the STATION F intranet, HAL, on which each startup CEO can request an intro with a fund.