We have gathered a whole
startup ecosystem under one roof.

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58 meters wide, 310 meters long (imagine the Eiffel Tower laid down). The building’s architect firm is award-winning agency Wilmotte & Associés. Best viewing experience with fresh versions of Google Chrome, Safari or Edge. Recent phones (from Iphone 6 or Samsung S6) recommended. And of course any PC, laptop and tablet.

One beautiful campus featuring…

30003000+ startup desks
designed for collaboration
88 event spaces
(and an original event calendar)
3030+ showers
(for independent use only)
6060+ meeting rooms
3131 startup programs
UnlimitedFun stuff (arcade games, fussball…)
11 Post Office
11 Pop up shop
44 kitchens in our giant restaurant and 1 coffee shop (open to the public)
100100 shared apartments (coming soon)

Campus Map

Create Zone For residents only!
Apply to one of our programs to join.
Chill Zone Open to the public, 24/7,
dedicated to deliciousness.
Click a zone for more details
Create Zone For residents only!
Apply to one of our programs to join.
Chill Zone Open to the public, 24/7,
dedicated to deliciousness.
For Residents only!
Pink areas open to the public
Main entrance: 55 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris

Find these investors on campus

Prototype your product in our Tech Lab

Managed by Techshop Ateliers Leroy Merlin, we offer our members access to a full makerspace that we call the Tech Lab.

Fully equipped for IoT startups to prototype their products, you can get access to 3D printers, laster cutters, workshops and more.

Now you have no excuse not to build the next spaceship or flying car.

STATION F members get a discount to our Tech Lab and the Ivry Techshop. The Tech Lab will be accessible to the public after the Summer 2017.

Learn more and get a membership

Access public services on campus

Experts from all useful public services for startups will be based on-site at STATION F, inside the FRENCH TECH space. You can also find great events, workshops and happenings.

Institutions dealing with intellectual property, taxes, research, visas, etc, will be available on campus. Opening after the Summer 2017. Learn more

Pôle Emploi

Take advantage of 120+ exclusive perks, only for our startups!

All STATION F campus members get special offers and services to help them grow their startups. We’ve hand-picked every deal - you won’t find our package anywhere else. Apply now

Food and drinks on campus - open to the public

La Felicità

A massive restaurant zone with 4 different kitchens, a bar, a terrace that can seat roughly 1,000. Plus, this space features original train wagons converted into dining areas for you to eat, drink, relax and take your tastebuds for a ride. Behind this one-of-a-kind space: the enfant terrible, Big Mamma, well known for their trendy Italian bar-bistros.

La Felicità is open to the public! More info

Come in, grab a coffee, a cake, strike-up a chat with a fellow startup founder and pay by the hour: that’s the spirit behind Anticafé at STATION F. In addition to delicious coffee, Anticafé provides a great area to work or have a meeting, no reservation needed.

Mon-Fri, 8.30am-8pm More info